One of the most difficult challenges for farmers is to deal with pests when they have infested their farms. Pests are lured to food and need a breeding ground to settle themselves. Farms are the most convenient place for pests to make their habitats. Dealing with pests is easy, but it is also possible. You can seek assistance from the best Centralia pest control company and learn some useful ways to deal with pests if they have infested your small farms. 

Useful ways to deal with pests in small farms. 

Pests in farms are common, but eliminating them permanently is challenging, considering pests will be attracted to plants. However, you can follow the tips and methods below to ensure your farm stays protected.

  • Inspect regularly

If you want to deter all the pests from your farm, you must start taking measures against them. Start with the process of a regular inspection of your farm. While observing, you can easily detect all the issues related to infestation earlier. In addition, there are some tools that you can use for inspection. With the help of those tools, you can easily detect the sites where pests are infesting and what type of pests are infesting so that you can deal with them accordingly.

  • Crop rotation

One of the most useful ways to control pests on your farm is by rotating your crops. When you plant a seed of a particular crop and reap it when its season arrives, then you change the seeds and grow a different crop after you reap the previous one. By doing this, you can easily disrupt the daily life cycle of pests and annihilate their habitats on your farm.

  • Beneficial insects

As you know, using chemical pesticides to eradicate all pests is not a good idea since the chemicals can also harm your crops and impact your environment. Therefore, some beneficial insects like ladybugs and lacewings act as predators and kill all the termites, bugs, and caterpillars. If you plant some insectary plants around your farm, these beneficial insects will surely draw to it and guard your crops.

  • Weed management

Weeds are the unwanted plants that you do not want on your farm since the nutrients and water are divided between them and the crops. However, these weeds need to be mowed quickly because weeds also provide shelter to pests and give them a habitat to breed. You must make sure that you use different methods like mulching or handweeding to eradicate all the weeds. 

  • Integrated pest management

Integrated pest management (IPM) is the best method to address all pest issues by monitoring for any casualties, eliminating pests, and controlling their population. Integrated pest management is the best option to deal with the pests that have started infesting your farm.

  • Crop insect pest control

To maintain the health of crops in small farms, using pest control methods is crucial because small farms have limited resources. You can also remove pests with the help of other pests that don’t harm your crops but still help you remove the harmful pests on your crops. This is a part of biological control methods.

Seek professional guidance!

If you have a small farm and you are worried about pest infestation, you must make sure that you seek assistance from your pest control service.