You have probably seen many beautiful homes labeled as “rustic.” Finding a common theme among the various rustic styles can be difficult. This term is used for everything from Tuscan design to log cabins. So, what is rustic design exactly?

The term “rustic design” is used to describe any style of decoration that is natural, aged, and informal. This warm style features handmade furniture, large textiles, and oversized furniture. Rustic design can be seen as the opposite of modern design. You may like the contemporary rustic style, which blends elements of modern and rustic designs.

Here are some common elements in all rustic designs:

Handmade Furniture

Most rustic furniture is made by hand, usually from natural materials. Examples include solid-wood tables with comfortable cushions and large chairs. Hand-woven blankets are also common. Rustic furniture is usually cozy and livable. It often features wood flooring, exposed beams, and barn doors.

Natural Color Palette

Neutrals are a common theme in rustic design. The materials are left in their natural color, so there is a lot of wood and stone. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use bold colors. You’re fine as long as you use earth tones. Browns, greens, and grays work well, as do earthy shades of red and blue that look like the sky or water.

Unpolished Materials

Rustic design is usually rough. It often uses raw wood and stone, which offer a range of textures and colors. Reclaimed wood has a rustic look and is perfect for this style. You’ll rarely see shiny textiles. Raw fabrics are better suited to the look. You can create a rustic contemporary style by adding modern elements, such as metal, from our modern and industrial furniture collection.

Comfortable Atmosphere

The rustic elements should be combined to create an inviting, comfortable atmosphere. Adding rustic elements to your interior design is a great way to achieve this goal. Rustic elements can make any space feel more homey, even if they are made of raw materials or have rough edges.

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